M.K. Valley is the alter ego of a girl that wants nothing else but to scream stories into the void and entertain it till it turns colorful and noisy. She is the official author manifestation of Maria – a 9-to-5 copywriter with too many ideas and too little time (or energy) to realize them all, but determined to publish all the plots she has on deck and turn them into physical books. In May 2021, M.K. Valley published her first book – the sci-fi novella The Imaginators.


Maria, Mimmie, or The M inhabits a sack of meat and bones that’s almost 30 but looks 13 and feels like 3. She loves all the normal human things, but hiccups instead of burping and has a thousand different voices for a thousand different situations. Maria created this corner of the web, before she transformed into M.K. Valley, to discuss sci-fi books, fantasy books, new books, old books, books that smell like home, books that smell like a storm, and all the other books.




I know, right? But the truth is there’s nothing like the creative fuel generated by a walk in the wild, by the sound of your soles dragging over cobblestones in a foreign land, seeing sights otherworldly or too human in their grotesque wickedness. I’d rather spend my life in the comfort of my creative bubble, but once you get me out that doorway, the world’s my stage and every corner is a new plot twist! After all, not all traveling can be done through a book.


There are hundreds of thousands of words that will never see the light of day. But for one reason or another, I’ll keep writing them, even those that will never turn into full manuscripts let alone published books. Because that’s what a writer does, and they suffer for it. If you want to commiserate, let’s connect on Twitter!



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