Review Policy

As a writer myself, I understand the need for exposure. I’m open to collaborations with authors – self-published, traditional, indie, all are welcome!

Valthura is a growing bookish realm, and while I can’t offer you numbers in the thousands, I’m committed to shining a light on authors’ hard work.

If you reach out to collaborate, here’s what you get:

  • A dedicated review, detailed and SEO-optimized for higher Google rankings.
  • A dedicated post across several social media websites:
  • A backlink to your author’s website and/or page.

At the moment, I don’t do affiliate or go-buy links. But if you feel like you can find a comfortable spot here at Valthura, I’d be more than happy to accommodate you.

Review Guidelines


When I pick books for myself, I’m not afraid to experiment with the genre. But to avoid any mishaps, please consider my genre preferences when reaching out:

  • Fantasy – both young adult & adult. Great examples would be The Poppy War, epics like the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, Shades of Magic, The Witcher, The Fourth Element series, and so on.
  • Sci-Fi – again, both young adult & adult. Let me name drop – Pierce Brown, Martha Wells, John Scalzi are just a few of the great authors in the genre, and they’ve made me 5* happy.
  • Slice of Life Young Adult – is that a genre? Books like “Yes No Maybe So”, “What If It’s Us”, “Emergency Contact” are also books I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and would be happy to discuss.


Underneath each review, I make sure to supply my rating as the writer of the review, and the opportunity for readers to leave their own ratings. Of course, life is not perfect, just as Goodreads’ rating system, and I can’t really provide halved ratings. But the reviews would always feature a clarification.

I rate books as follows:

  • 5 – 4.5 Stars – made me utterly happy, even if there were flaws, I could ignore them.
  • 4 – 3.5 Stars – a great read with a couple of more obvious drawbacks.
  • 3 – 2.5 Stars – a good book that’s worth reading, but several elements rub me the wrong way.
  • 2 Stars – there’s this one redeeming quality that’s actually worth the time spent on the book.
  • 1 Star – the only reason I did not DNF the book is that I don’t DNF books in general.

If I give 2 stars or less, the review won’t be spiteful, but completely objective as to why I didn’t like the book and would still feature the positives I was able to identify.

Book Copies

As much as I love paperbacks, I realize the inability to send books all the way to Bulgaria. If you send me paperbacks, I’d shoot out of my pants with exhilaration, but I’ll also be more than happy to accept your ebooks.

I prefer .epub and Kindle formats. I DON’T read .pdf because it’s a bother, but if I really like the premise of your book, I might make an exception.

So, if you’re ready to have your book read, you have two options:

  • send me an email to collab[at]
  • or fill out the form below!

Reaching out is all that’s required of you. Here are samples of what you can expect.

Other Collabs

As you can see, Valthura is not focused solely on books. If you feel like what you do or offer can fit in any of the categories, feel free to drop me a line, and I’d be more than happy to discuss it.

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