Visit Sofia: The Museum of Illusions Awaits

After two months in a state of emergency due to Covid-19, Bulgaria is finally making its awakening. I’ve been working from the office for two weeks. And we have the chance to go places again. The first thing I visited after the lockdown was the Museum of Illusions in Sofia.

If I say I’m not wary, I’d lie to you. On the contrary, I’m envious of all my friends who are still working from home because that’s the corporate culture their employers adopted. For several reasons, my social activity has been limited to commuting to and from work.

Visiting the Museum of Illusions in Sofia was a strange experience both in terms of the exhibition and the new normal we have. But if you ever find yourself in Sofia, make sure you stop by. It is a fulfilling and engaging experience youngsters and adults would enjoy in equal measure.

Welcome to the Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Sofia opened around Christmas in 2019. It’s the breath of fresh air the urban environment needed – both engaging and educational.

I’m a summer child, so I was waiting for more appropriate weather to visit the museum. But then the nation-wide lockdown happened, and all of our plans got thrown out the window. So now that it’s supposedly safe to go out and about, me and my better half (remember him?) decided we were ready for some dazzle.

The Museum of Illusions is located in the very heart of Sofia’s city center*. If you visit our capital, you’re one subway ride away from it almost at all times. It’s 3 minutes away from Serdika and Serdika II metro stations, giving you the chance for a bit of sightseeing when you get off the subway and enjoy the ruins of the ancient city of Serdica discovered right where the stations are built.

What to Expect of the Exhibit?

The exhibition is a 400m² illusory amalgam of science, optics, and art. The experience is structured so that it’s both educational and interactive. Get ready to learn something new, see something spectacular, and have lots and lots of fun.

Trap your shadow, draw with light, get slight vertigo from some of the illusions (I sure did), you won’t have a boring moment. The team of the museum is there to answer your questions, help you take photos, and explain some of the more challenging tricks.

Now that the borders are gradually opening, make sure you stop by the Museum of Illusions in Sofia for some practical magic. Don’t forget to get yourself an awesome gift from the shop, too!

Visiting the Museum of Illusions During a Pandemic

That’s the moment that worried me most about our visit. In fact, hand sanitizers are available all over the museum grounds. Visitors are also asked to wear masks. Don’t worry! You can take your mask off to take a quick photo while having fun.

Also, groups larger than 2 people are not allowed, unless you’re with family members. The minimum distance to keep is 2 meters, and there are signs to help you navigate the space, which is, indeed, spacious.

That being said, the Museum of Illusions in Sofia is a real treat! It helps with regaining a sense of wonder and curiosity that the bleak months we had dialed down. Do make sure you visit them if you’re coming to Sofia!


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