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A little bit about the person behind Valthura – I’m a copywriter by work, reader by heart, writer by night & a daydreamer all year round.

I dabble in graphic design whenever time’s left. I breathe words and try to weave worlds.


My name’s Maria and this is my corner of the web.

I’m several things that will heavily influence the content of the website and, probably, your reading experience here.

I am:

  • a full-time copywriter – I work a 9-to-6 job that involves the constant crafting of written worlds that sell;
  • a novice graphic designer – I recently took several Graphic design classes with the purpose of expanding my horizons;
  • a writer and author – I published my first book in 2021, and you can see it HERE.
  • a passionate reader – I consume books daily. You might come across my book reviews from time to time,

among other things.

I also travel when my finances allow it, love tasting new food, have a thing for sewing and space. I take photos and try really hard not to slack. Especially with blogs. You could say I’m a serial blogger, meaning I’ve had several in both English and Bulgarian, and managed to destroy all of them because I’m lazy (among other things).

Here, you won’t find the promise that I’ll post regularly. But you can count that I’ll post with passion. Writing is what I do best. And I have tons of thoughts to share. Valthura is my personal project in decluttering my mind.


Valthura is a cocky wordmash between my family name and the word Haltura, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. Haltura comes from Russian, from what I found out, but there’s the same word in my native language Bulgarian.

It has a negative connotation in Russian – to make money on the side by making cheap art, and a more moderate connotation in Bulgaria – work additionally for more money. What I hope to achieve is a positive spin. This is what Valthura is – my corner of the web, where I can be passionate about things, without expecting to be paid. No pressure, as they say.

Welcome to Valthura, enjoy your stay! And feel free to contact me on any and all topics that interest you.

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