eARC Review: Abigail Mann & The Sister Surprise

The Sister Surprise by Abigail Mann is not my usual choice of genre, but the book was a pleasant surprise, so here’s a quick review! Of course, it didn’t reach me by accident. I requested it through NetGalley and received it in exchange for an honest review. Thus, all opinions are my own!

If you’re ready to read something charming and cozy, this is it. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of it and see for yourself! Well, if you’re a romance/contemporary fan, of course!

The Sister Surprise: The Plot

Ava is an online journalist for a cheap site and agrees on the even cheaper trick to take a DNA test and announce the results publicly to generate traffic for the website. What she doesn’t know is the strong reaction she’ll have to the results and the fact that according to the test, she has a sister in rural Scotland.

Now, to advance her career but also to find the family of a father she never knew, Ava packs her bags and leaves for the ass-crack of nowhere. She gets free lodgings in exchange for honest labor, befriends the farm boy, and eventually stumbles over her sister amidst pig wrestling. Sort of. And all this while trying to regularly update her editor on her search for the relative.

As you can expect, the book has its hilarious moment, not only because the events unfold on a farm. At the same time, there’s heartbreak and sufficient drama. And, of course, heartbreak. A thing I really loved about the book is that our lovely farmer boy wasn’t the love interest, and they built a great platonic relationship.

The Sister Surprise: The Characters

I found them to be quite wholesome. There are plenty of characters to go around and, sure, some fell flat, like Ava’s best friend whose name I can’t remember. But overall, both Ava and Moira (the sister) had quite a bit to offer. Kian (farmer boy) and Ross (love interest) were quite charming in their own ways:

“Is it weird to find men more attractive when they’re doing menial domestic tasks?”

However, the book focused on the relationship between the sisters and not the hot guys.

I think what makes it and its characters so engaging is the ease with which they are made relatable. But also the combination of sincere and awkward going throughout the whole story. Also, whoever doesn’t have a broken family cog, raise your hands. I don’t have siblings, and yet I felt it.

Should You Read The Sister Surprise?

Abigail Mann has created a funny and cozy world worth exploring. While The Sister Surprise has a bit of a rough and slow start, it picks up speed once Ava reaches Scotland, and hilarity ensues. I’d say it’s a solid 4* because the climax and the resolve of the family drama were a bit rushed and unfulfilling. I don’t want to say why in details not to spoil things for you. But it’s a bit predictable, and you’ll probably see it coming from a mile.

The Sister Surprise drops on shelves TOMORROW, the 25th of March. I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys chick-lit and light romances with a focus on the siblings’ storyline.

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The Sister Surprise by Abigail Mann
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