Mystery Box: Book Box Club April 2020 | Cursed Kingdoms

Book Box Club is my most active mystery box subscription and for good reasons. Let’s see what their April 2020 box themed Cursed Kingdoms had!

But first, let me get this out in the open. I’ve been ordering book boxes since 2018, more often than not. Even though I don’t use or need most of the things that arrive, I love hoarding them. Yes, I know that’s a problem, and I’ve been trying hard to limit my compulsory book box buying.

My only active subscription is that with the BookBoxClub, and I’m extremely happy with it. Whenever I skip, I do it bitterly. But let’s see what came for April!

Book Box Club Theme: Cursed Kingdoms

A mystery box, especially one with books, is always fun. They give you the very basic outline of the theme and the topic of the book and leave you guessing. And I love guessing. I’ve been rarely disappointed by a mystery box, and I think never by the Book Box Club.

The April theme is no exception. To be completely honest, I was planning on skipping that month, due to the Coronavirus situation and my effort to save some money for a couple of special editions. But on the 25th of March, I woke up to an email that my subscription has been renewed.

That’s right! I had forgotten to skip the month. Here’s to my forgetfulness! The box is awesome and contains two books. And you should know what I love hoarding most of all are books.

Okay, if you’ve gotten so far, and you still haven’t gotten your April Book Box Club, let’s make it clear:


Let’s get to unboxing it!

Bookish Goodies

This is where Book Box Club wins most of the time. They don’t go heavy on the paper items and always feature something that makes me really happy. In April we got:

  • Zelie Soap by WildEve Shop – I’m so glad that’s soap. I don’t have a bathtub and was growing annoyed by all the bath bombs mystery boxes feature. It’s scented with roses, ylang-ylang, and melissa, inspired by Zelie from Children of Blood and Bone.
  • Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask – Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess. The girls at the Book Box Club really got me this time. I can’t wait to get an opportunity to use it, whenever I get the chance to go on an adventure again.
  • Beauty & The Beast Biscuit – made by Gardners Cookies, I’m yet to taste it, since I’m not one for sweets, but its time will come.
  • Fantasy Worlds Prints by Cathrin Peterslund – two gorgeous prints, the best I’ve gotten from a mystery box so far.
  • Rule The World Patch – made by Quotify. I don’t often wear patches, but I’ll try to find a place for this one.
  • Book of Longings Sampler – the girls at the Book Box Club get me every time with their samplers. I’ve often found books I want to read but wouldn’t have found if it wasn’t for them.


Cursed Kingdoms Books

Like I mentioned earlier, there were 2 books featured in April’s Book Box Club box. Due to the situation with the Coronavirus outbreak, they had to make some changes, and this month there were no signed bookplates. But I wouldn’t say that was a drawback. Let’s have a look at the books!

thorn-by-intisar-khanani-book-coverAn enchanting fairytale retelling of the Goose Girl, Thorn by Intisar Khanani seems like one very promising piece of literature. It is standalone, which is always a bonus point in my playbook. That way, if I like it a lot, I won’t suffer indefinitely, waiting for the next book.

I’ll be starting with it, for sure, even though there are several books that take priority in May.

seven-endless-forests-by-april-tucholke-book-coverFrom the author of The Boneless Mercies, comes an Arthurian retelling. The last retelling of the legend of King Arthur I read was Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy, which was simply awesome and set in space. Not really excited about this one, but happy to get a retelling in a fantasy setting.

Fantasy is my other most favorite genre, so a new perspective on an already known story in such a setting is always good news. Fingers crossed it’s fun and engaging as Once & Future was.

Should You Get the April Book Box Club?

From what I gather, there are still some boxes left. Now’s your chance to get two books and a box full of goodies. In terms of price-quality and price-quantity, I’m pretty happy with forgetting to skip April. My most favorite items were the soap, the prints, and the eye mask!

Did you get a mystery book box in April? Which was it? Did you get the April Book Box Club which was your favorite item? Let’s discuss it down in the comments!

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