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Review: C.E. Clayton & Resistor


Resistor by C.E. Clayton is book #1 in the Ellinor series. My Resistor review goes over the awesome potential of this action-packed SF/F story.

I got a free copy of the book through NetGalley, and all opinions are my own. I’d like to thank the author for giving us access to such a great read. I’m constantly scared that while focusing on the bigger releases, some smaller but awesome books fall between the cracks. Thankfully, ever since I became a reader for NetGalley, I’ve been able to minimize the losses.

C.E. Clayton’s Resistor is a great read combining some of my favorite elements in today’s literature. We have a cyberpunk-ish world driven by magic and magitech. We have an awesome world, a strong lead, and great supporting characters. But let’s take it from the top and see where we go.

Resistor: The Plot

The plot was rather predictable and that’s the only reason why I gave the book 4/5*. But it’s a great combination of action and revenge. In a world where technology is used to harness magical abilities, we meet Ellinor – an ex-mercenary for a big crime boss. She’s on a road to vengeance after the mob boss gets her husband, Misho, killed.

But her plan to draw attention and get as close as possible to said boss backfires, she’s caught, and her magic – dampened through a peculiar piece of tech. Feeling crippled, Ellinor finds the silver lining to it all – if the job she’s tasked with is successful, she can both come back into the fold and get her powers back.

Just one problem – she’s joining a team of backstabbing, manipulative, and treacherous bastards, all of whom have been on the old team she’s abandoned after Misho’s death. Now she has to navigate the intricacies of burned bridges and survive in the process. But everything changes when the package she’s to deliver awakens, and she realizes there’s still a part of Misho alive somewhere in the depths of that ‘package’.

C.E. Clayton’s Characters

I loved them all. Above all, I love deeply flawed characters who don’t get a change of heart with the snap of a finger, but their transformation is gradual. I loved the headstrong nature of Ellinor, and already mentioned what a great lead she was. But I also loved Kai – her once-upon-a-time best friend, who’s now desperate to gain the love of the mob boss while also trying hard to fix the broken relationship they have with Ellinor.

I loved the sense of comradery Resistor creates when you’re reading. Even though the characters were a bit much at first, when the numbers dwindle, you get a pretty good feeling of who’s who. They all manage to stand out in some way. I loved the small touch of dialects that gave them even more personality.

Resistor: The World

I feel like the world-building deserves its own analysis. I won’t go into too many details, it’s great to discover every aspect of it through the book and our characters, but let me say that – it’s an intricate and detailed world you’d readily believe is real.

What I love was the fact that it sounds like Earth was whisked away by a bored deity and transformed:

“Here was this dying system, replete with a plethora of religions and cultural beliefs, he could twist to suit his desires.”

This almighty god gifts the peoples of the world powers creating several different races or beings. The Seersha and Humani – elemental casters, the former stronger than the latter, with their specific physical traits and the ability to use technology to enhance their magical abilities or vice versa. And the Dreeocht and Doehaz – both creatures craving magic but with their own good/evil inclinations and traits. And last but not least – the mysterious Ashlings. They are creatures of technology. They rebelled against their masters and wish to live as free and sentient beings.

Sounds too much? Resistor is a perfect blend of it all. The Ashlings weren’t as involved in the first book. I’m looking forward to the next one as we’ll be making a visit to Amardeep – their domain.

Read C.E. Clayton’s Resistor!

Oh, boy, I’m getting excited just by thinking back on the book. It’s been two weeks since I read the book, and I read it in two days, and I still remember it vividly. It’s a great and engaging read. Resistor is perfect for those of you who love a little bit of dystopian cyberpunk mixed in with their magic.

This is a bloody tale of vengeance and the road to finding yourself anew before you lose yourself completely to revenge. It’s a story about weighing the benefits of sticking to your road or changing course. It’s a book about finding friendship and hope again, of letting go of the painful past, and making sense of it all again. And yes, you should read it! And if you have – share down in the comments what you loved about it!

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