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Review: Kate Callaghan & Crowned a Traitor


Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan is a quick read that takes the reader through Hell only to emerge victorious! Let’s check it out in a quick Crowned a Traitor book review!

I got a free copy of Crowned a Traitor by Kate Callaghan from Netgalley, and I’d like to thank for the opportunity. September was a mentally challenging month, and getting around to writing this review took way more than I intended. But here I am, ready to finally go over my experience with the book, and hopefully, I remember what I went through with it.

Crowned a Traitor: The Plot

This YA was exactly what I was expecting it to be. A page-turning quick read (I feel like I say that about every other book, oh well). When I put aside the fact that the copy I read was not proofread and full of mistakes, I was able to thoroughly enjoy it.

The story follows Klara – daughter of Lucifer and the future ruler of Hell. But she doesn’t want the throne. What Klara wants is a life away from Hell, away from her destiny. While she tries to find a road to that different life, her long-time guardians are out for blood. Her blood and her throne.

The road is long and thorny, and it takes her through a series of challenges. Unfortunately, this is where I found some of the weak sides of the story. It didn’t feel like it had real stakes. The story was quite engaging, and it could’ve taken a really dark turn, but it didn’t want to go there. But it’s okay, given it’s a YA.

Crowned a Traitor: The Characters & The World

Can’t say the characters were quite memorable. While the book dealt with themes like family, loyalty, duty, freedom, its characters were busy serving the plot. I liked Klara, the fact that she was a morally gray character was enough to win some bonus points. The rest of the troupe felt a bit two-dimensional.

Maybe Lilith could count as an exception. She was developed through actions, as few as they were, instead of solely through Klara’s interactions with her. Everything else was focused on Klara this, Klara that, and it wasn’t even a first-person POV. I’m not sure I can explain it well enough, but they could’ve used more meat on their bones.

The world, on the other hand, was quite interesting. The book picks up rather slowly, unfolding the various elements of the world-building. Some readers viewed that as a drawback, whereas I liked it. Unlike the characters, the world was rather fleshed-out.

I really liked the idea of Hell’s future ruler being brought up away from Hell. There’s this realm called Malum, where Klara grew up, that was vivid and intriguing, with all of its various creatures and its own magic. Then we had Hell and Kalos – the realm of the Fae, free from the taint of Hell, and Klara’s goal. In terms of worldbuilding, Kate Callaghan definitely won me over.

Should You Read It?

I’d say yes. It’s not a demanding read, and it wraps up nicely. There’s room to explore the world and the journey of our ‘heroes’ further. After all, Crowned a Traitor is said to be book #1 of the A Hellish Fairytale series. My final rating is 3.5/5* to be exact despite being so dissatisfied with the secondary characters because I do believe imaginative books and creative worlds should be encouraged.

Have you read the book already and what did you think of Kate Callaghan’s world and characters? Share down in the comments!

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